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An Evangelism Lesson From The British Bulldog

Gary Oldman gives a stellar performance as Churchill in Darkest Hour. With the threat of German invasion and pressure to pursue a negotiated peace with Hitler , the Prime Minister gives an historic speech. The effect is electric. His political nemesis , Viscount Halifax, is asked what happened. He responds,” He mobilized the English language […]

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Join Patrice And Paul In A Prayer Focus That Makes A Difference

My good  friend , Patrice Nagent has poured his life into church planting and evangelism. He serves with  C2C Collective in Quebec. He has experienced something of a personal renaissance in sharing the love of Jesus. He has experienced fresh gospel opportunities and new fruitfulness in evangelism. He puts this down to prayer. Patrice prayed […]

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A Big Lesson From A Redemptive Rain Delay In The Windy City

As I travel across Canada I am struck by the startling paucity of the gift of evangelist; one of the gifts King Jesus has given to his Bride (see Ephesians 4:11). This gift has been suppressed. I look around and ask, ‘Who are our evangelists?  Where are our evangelists?’ I see a pressing need to […]

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